Studio Rental Berlin


A spacious 280m² daylight studio with 4.1m high ceilings and a full-scale 80m² cyclorama,

flooded with all-day natural sunlight coming through massive southwest-facing windows. The floor is black painted concrete.

  • Total Space: 280 m²

  • Ceiling: 4.1 m

  • Cyclorama Total Space: 80 m² // 7.30m (w) x 9.80m (l) x 4.1m (h)

  • Southwest Facing Windows

  • Central A/C

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STUDIO 1 - raw studios. studio overview
STUDIO 1 - raw studios. Cyclorama Hohlkehle studio overview
STUDIO 1 - raw studios. entire view daylight mietstudio stuidio overview
Studio Overview - Studio 2
Studio Overview - Studio 2
Studio Overview - Studio 2
Studio Rental Berlin


Perfectly suited for productions up to 15 people, a 144m² daylight studio

offers the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with Studio 1 for larger-scale projects.

  • Total Space: 144 m²

  • Shooting Space: 8.20m (w) x 12.10m (l)

  • Ceiling: 3.6-4.1 m

  • Central A/C

  • South Facing Windows

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Photo Studio Berlin


A convenient 88m² space, tailored for productions of up to 12 people.

Whether you’re conducting still life shoots, capturing portraits, filming videos, or conducting interviews, this studio provides the versatility and comfort needed for your creative productions.

  • Total Space: 88 m²

  • Ceiling: 3,6m

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raw studios: Lounge area in Studio 3 featuring a comfortable three-seater leather couch, a rosewood coffee table, and two individual leather seats
A view from the kitchen showcasing a handmade rosewood partition, adjacent to a lounge area adorned with a large tropical plant.
Studio 3's shooting area featuring a wall of windows, ensuring ample daylight throughout the day
PRODUCTION ROOM - raw studios. rental studios hair makeup and hair washing station


Our Production Room is meticulously crafted to meet your hair, makeup, and styling needs.

Featuring a customized hair washing station and movable makeup tables, equipped with ample clothing racks, hangers, and Jiffy Steamers, our Production Room facilitates seamless grooming and styling.

  • Total Space: 55m²

  • Styling: Full-length Mirror, Clothing Racks, Hangers, Jiffy Steamers, Bathrobes, and Slippers

  • Grooming: Makeup tables, Hairdresser Chairs, Hair Washing Station

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An ideal addition when you need extra space for large-scale endeavors.

Fully equipped kitchen, a dining area for up to 10 people, a private bathroom and shower.

  • Total Space: 40m²

  • Kitchen, Shower, Dining Area

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LOUNGE - raw studios. dining area

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We are proud to have worked with featuring well-known brands, online retailers, luxury and street labels, visionary photographers, groundbreaking artists, influential magazines, talented and emerging musicians, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Discover the diverse array of luminaries who have left their mark at raw studios.