Step into our meticulously crafted Production Room, tailored to meet your hair, makeup, and styling needs.

Designed with privacy in mind, this 55m² space is completely separate from other areas. Featuring a customized hair washing station and movable makeup tables, complete with ample lighting for detailed grooming, integrated power outlets, and phone charging capabilities, every aspect is designed with great attention to detail to meet your production needs.

Equipped with ample clothing racks, hangers, and convenient Jiffy Steamers, our Production Room facilitates seamless styling sessions. Should you require additional tables for props or accessories, or even the comfort of bathrobes and slippers, our accommodating staff is readily available to cater to your needs.

Connected to Studio 1, Production Room seamlessly integrates into your booking experience, offering versatility and efficiency. Whether included with your Studio 1 reservation or combined with bookings for Studio 1 & Studio 2, rest assured that your production needs will be met with sophistication and precision.

In our Instagram highlights, you can explore glimpses of our past clients.

PRODUCTION ROOM - raw studios. hair makeup tables

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