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Dear valued clients

Our goal is to provide you with impeccably equipped studios with superior service for all types of professional photo and video productions and events.

Unfortunately, we have also been impacted by the current global crisis and are facing various rising costs.

During the past year, we have made improvements at our studios such as purchasing a cargo lifter to simplify moving equipment and upgrades to our amenities to provide a more comfortable production environment. We have done our best to ensure that fees remain affordable, but we are now at the point that we have no choice but to increase the rates. The new rates below go into effect as of 01.09.2022.

This is a decision that we did not take lightly, but nonetheless it is necessary so that we can maintain the high-quality service on which we have built our brand. We kindly ask for your understanding.

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Full Day 10 hours Half Day 4 hours Total space Height Cleaning Heating
Studio 1 + 2 + Production Room € 1200 € 900 479 m² 4.1 m € 140+ € 90
Studio 1 + Production Room € 1000 € 800 335 m² 4.1 m € 100+ € 70
Studio 2 € 600 € 400 144 m² 3.6-4.1 m € 80+ € 40
Studio 3 € 500 € 300 88 m² 3.6 m € 60+ € 40

All prices are net excluding VAT 19% (the new rates will go into effect as of 01.09.2022)

Important Notice

  1. For a large photo crew with more than 20 pax, and for any video / film production, a surcharge applies. Please ask for an individual estimate.
  2. Cyclorama painting is additional, and it comes as is. It will not be freshly painted unless requested.
  3. For productions involving sound recording, studios 1 + 2 have to be rented together.
  4. A surcharge of 20% applies to rentals on Sundays.



  • Studio assistant

  • Jiffy steamer

  • Iron and ironing board

  • Clothing rack(s) and hangers

  • Full-length mirror

  • Complimentary hot beverages (coffee / tea) up to 10 pax

  • Tablet

  • Polyboards and stands

  • Parking (2 cars)

Included in your booking
Included in your booking
Included in your booking, ROCKET Boxer


Overtime 10% of day rate / hour
Painting (Cyc) 3.5 € / m²
2nd Studio Assistant 250 € / day
Cold beverages Upon consumption
Electricity 60 € / day (HMI & Tungsten)

All prices are net excluding VAT 19%

EQUIPMENT RENTAL- raw studios.


We offer an extensive range of production equipment, available for your immediate use in our studios. Our experienced staff are happy to assist you to fulfil your production needs and advise on any technical questions you might have. Please contact us for a quote or with any questions.


We suggest arranging catering ahead of time. Contact us for recommendations. We also offer freshly prepared breakfast (vegan, vegetarian and/or meats) with 2 days notice.

News / Clients

We are proud to have worked with many of the most respected brands, retailers, luxury brands, photographers & artists, magazines, fashion houses and small but aspirational creative talents.

And we are continuously improving our studios, adding amenities and equipment to meet new production needs. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram to check out who has been at raw studios. recently, get updates about our studios, and see what we’ve been up to.

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