Swiss electronic duo YELLO consisting of Dieter Meier and Boris Blank visited raw studios.
to shoot their new album release images with photographer Helen Sobiralski.
Point Yello is out now, were feeling kind of Waba Duba🙂

Kelvyn Colt – HOPE | I Wonder OFFICIAL VIDEO at raw studios.

We can’t get enough of this song:) Maybe it’s time to permanently have a concert piano in our studios?

KLAN – Winterseite Sessions

KLAN’s music video shoot filled our space with great music all day long and our studio dog Cooper
successfully photo bombed yet another shooting at raw studios. 🙂


Editorial work by photographer NTI capturing Alhassan Sandah on raw studios I cyclorama for Schön! magazine, styling by Lawrence Adu.

Travel Almanac – Anne Imhof

To our surprise we were excited to see our studio husky Cooper lounging together with
artist Anne Imhof on the new Travel Almanac magazine cover. Looks like the old time
bandit photobombed yet another raw studios. photoshoot:)

Fashion photo of artist Anne imhof photographed at daylight rental studio raw studios berlin on white cyclorama
anne imhof at rental photo studio raw studios berlin with studio husky Cooper for travel almanac magazine
Artist Anne Imhof photographed at raw studios berlin for interview story with travel almanac

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