Cloudy Jane, the talented German and Cuban artist
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Here are some of our past collaborations, featuring well-known brands, online retailers, luxury and street labels, visionary photographers, groundbreaking artists, influential magazines, talented and emerging musicians. Discover the diverse array of luminaries who have left their mark at raw studios.

raw studios. – Berlin’s daylight studios for photography, film, and events.

Our expansive space spans over 600m², featuring three fully serviced studios and two versatile spaces, ideal for all your creative productions and events.

Step into our spacious industrial daylight studios, where natural sunlight floods through massive windows, illuminating high ceilings and sleek black concrete floors. Comprising three individual studios and two combinable rooms, our facilities cater to large productions, events, seminars, and beyond. Plus, our comprehensive range of rental equipment ensures you have everything necessary for your creative endeavors.

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