jilou x Schön! x Nike: Sanja Jilwan Rasul, also known as Jilou, a contender for a spot in the Paris Olympics as a breakdance athlete, graced our studio for an editorial feature in Schön! Magazine, presented by Nike. Jilou, a dynamic and gifted break dancer, spent the day showcasing her skills in our Studio 1. Don’t miss the impeccably crafted video capturing her performance.

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photography + video direction. @benfourmi@deniseagency
video co-director + editor. @max.kastelyn
fashion. @jeanna_krichel
talent. @bgirljilou wearing @nike + @diesel
hair + make up. @alexgloaguen@b_agency using @bumbleandbumble + @yslbeauty
production. @elisemrcn @deniseagency
light assistant. @emotionalriots
location. @rawstudiosberlin
special thanks. The Teams @nike + @superneo_communication
words. @shamathegreat

Jilou for Schön Mag dressed in Nike
Jilou in Nike for Schön Magazine

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