welcome to raw studios.

RAW rental studio Tempelhof

RAW studios is Berlin’s premier rental studio for photography, film and events.

Situated over more than 600 square meters of the Tempelhofer Manufaktur, RAW studios consists of two daylight rental studios, a production room, office, and gallery. Spacious industrial studios with 4.1 m ceiling heights, flooded with all day natural sunlight that comes through the massive windows wrapping around both studios.

Studio 1 has a full-scale daylight cyclorama, perfect for large productions and can be combined with Studio 2 and/or production room for maximum ease and efficiency. Both rental studios come with moveable makeup tables, full kitchen and bar, and an amazing PA sound system.

A huge rooftop with panoramic views gives an overview of the active industrial surroundings, complete with numerous local manufacturers, suppliers, hardware stores, caterers, and grocery stores for convenient access to all production amenities. RAW Studios is Berlins exklusive address for Photography- , Filmproductions and special events.

RAW rental studios are perfectly equipped for all kinds of visual content, film or still imagery, from advertising & marketing, e-commerce through social media.

RAW studios mission – Impeccably equipped studios with ample space, daylight, sound, convenience, speed, for flawless productions and events.




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